Drainage and Grading – Protect Your Property from Standing Water Damage

In Dallas-Fort Worth, we’re no strangers to drought weather conditions, but people often forget about the deluge of rain that comes in the spring and fall. As we get into our next rainy season, you may see standing water around your home or commercial property, or pools of water in your lawn. Learn how to protect your property with proper drainage and grading, as well as thoughtful landscape design.

Standing water can be fixed with drainage and grading
Standing water can cause damage and attract mosquitos.

How Standing Water Can Cost You Big

Standing water can damage your property, foundation damage, rotting wood, and strongly encourages mosquito breeding. To protect your property from any damage to the foundation, in particular, from water damage, you must ensure good drainage around the property and keep it well maintained. Water may seem harmless enough, but when it becomes a problem, homeowners can expect up to causes leading to thousand of dollars of damage. Ensuring healthy drainage can keep your property from growing mold, breeding mosquitos, drowning plants/grass, and keeping the integrity to your foundation.

What is Grading? Why You Need It.

Simply put grading is correcting your yard so that water flows away from the foundation of your house. You’re probably wondering why this is important? It is a prevention tool to ensure that when storms happen your property is not susceptible to flooding or pooling or precipitation. Using a variety of methods we can get your property prepped and ready before Texas storms hit! To learn more about what types of draining we do read on below.

Different Types of Drainage

Depending on where you reside, there are various types of drainage systems. Although they essentially all do the same thing (drain water away from your property) it’s good to know some of the different types and which one you have in the event of flooding or water damage during heavy rains. 

Gutters and downspouts are the two most common drainage systems. If you have gutters, it’s a good idea to have them screened to help prevent any leaves from clogging the system. Downspouts specifically keep water away from the properties foundation without interfering with the beauty of your outdoor area. If you have a downspout system, make sure it is draining at least 10 feet from your home to prevent water damage to your property or standing water. 

In Conclusion

Now you understand the ways heavy rains (or even leaks!) can cause damage to your property as water rushes around your building’s foundation and pools in the lawn. By using two tools from our professional landscaping tool belt – grading and drainage, Siara Designs can help choose the right solution for your property, large or small. Call us today to get a quote!