Landscape Design + Installation for Dallas, TX


Why Landscape Design

Your home should make you happy, and a big part of that is your landscape. You should love the way your home looks outside, and you should have an environment around you that promotes relaxation and happiness. For commercial properties, your landscape needs to give the perfect first impression.

SIARA DESIGNS offers our landscape design services for Dallas, TX, homes and businesses. Our goal is to create the perfect landscape for your needs and your personality. After the design phase, we also offer landscape installation.


What Makes Our Designs Special

  • Top Benefits of Exceptional Landscape Design

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Curb Appeal + Increased Property Value

  • Expanded Yard Capabilities + Functionality

  • Sustainable + Low Maintenance

  • Environmentally Friendly + Protecting Wildlife

  • Native + Adapted Plants

  • Enhanced Quality of Life + Health

  • Reduced Utility Costs + Tax Deductible

Sustainable + Low Maintenance

Major goals and benefits of sustainable landscaping include water conservation, improving soil health, reducing maintenance labor and organic waste generation, carbon sequestration, and creating a habitat through appropriate plant selection.

Our low maintenance designs allow you to utilize your outdoor living space for relaxation and enjoyment.


Native + Adapted Plants

Beneficial to our water resources and native pollinators, native and adaptive plants thrive in the habitat without being harmful to existing plants or wildlife and are able to grow and reproduce without human intervention.

Seasonal Color

We create designs that add color and beauty to your landscape all year round. If you'd like a fresh pop of color for each season we can design planters and dedicated annual areas.


Residential + Commercial

At SIARA DESIGNS, we offer designs for Residential and Commercial spaces because we understand it is important that these spaces maintain their color and beauty.