Commercial Landscape Design & Installation in Texas

When you have a business or a commercial space in Texas, curb appeal is important. You want the grounds surrounding your company to be inviting, to compliment your business, to draw people in. Business owners want charm and beauty but also want all of this without a lot of maintenance. 

This is where Siara Designs comes in. Our team of designers understands how to take the outdoor space that you have and transform it into the outdoor space that you dream of. We consistently exceed expectations with our innovative, unique designs for commercial areas. 

Let us create a space that is low maintenance, environmentally friendly, beautiful, functional, and welcoming environment. Once our designers have developed a plan for your vision, our expert installers will come in and efficiently put your hardscapes and softscapes into place. 

Creating Your Dream 

We want to work in tandem with commercial property owners to achieve the dream you have for your space. We give rise to your ideas. Contact Siara Designs to find out how we can achieve the space you want for your business. 

Our Design Services

The designers and installers with Siara Designs use our imagination and design skills to satisfy the specific needs of our clients. We consider your preferences for your commercial property while pairing them with our knowledge about the space and the plants that will thrive there. Your ideas, combined with ours and the knowledge and skill we possess, can create the perfect commercial space. 

Beginning the Design Phase

When taking your landscape ideas from conception to reality, our goal is to make the process seamless. So, we do the correct prep work before we ever break ground on your site. Here is how we commonly approach creating the landscape your commercial space needs.

Analysis of the Job Site

Starting a commercial project requires a site visit. We need to understand the site we are designing for. Measurements need to be taken, topography needs to be noted, plans for existing landscape need to be determined, and environmental factors need to be taken into consideration. 

Some other factors that we will note when we are visiting the site of your commercial project follow:

  • Onsite soil. Will it work for your project, and will we need to bring in soil? 
  • Drainage patterns are crucial to observe so we can determine the best way to work with them or around them.
  • Sunny or shady? We need to determine the amount of sunlight the site receives so we can pair the appropriate plants with the environment.
  • The terrain needs to be observed. Is grading required, or is there a slope that needs to be addressed?
  • We will check out the existing landscape and see how much can be incorporated into the new design and what needs to be removed. We will look for stumps and roots and determine how to address those and any other features.
  • Distinct characteristics must be considered when forming a plan for a specific spot.
  • Traffic patterns need to be considered. How do clients enter and leave your building, and where do they park?
  • Security is another issue that can be important to address, as your landscape can keep your property safer. 

We can begin planning your landscaping project by gathering this type of data about your property.

The Design Concept 

Following our site visit, we can get to the meat of the design. Determining the layout, the materials we will use, the hardscaping decisions, the softscaping choices, and the small but powerful details that genuinely customize your design can begin.

Once we have an overall design, we will meet with our clients to ensure our ideas exceed their expectations before we begin the installation.

Using Landscape to Add Curb Appeal to Your Commercial Property without Adding Constant Maintenance 

There are a number of ways we can design your outdoor space so that it will bring beauty and function to your property without requiring excess maintenance. There are a few of the things we can do to reduce time maintaining your landscape. 

Minimizing Water Usage

One way to design a landscape plan that requires less maintenance is to minimize the water it takes to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. By taking into account the property’s setup and your design preferences, we can practice “xeriscaping,” or the practice of designing to reduce water usage.  

We can do this in a number of ways, some of which are listed below:

  • Choosing drought-resistant plants 
  • Grouping plants with similar water needs close to one another
  • Incorporating mulch or hardscaping to areas that might otherwise steal moisture from the plants. 
  • Selecting native plants means the plants grow properly in their environment without much extra help.
  • We choose trees and shrubs that are well-adapted to your climate.

Native Species Are the Least Maintenance

Native plants and trees are always going to require less maintenance than exotic species that do not match the sun, soil, and water requirements of a local area. Local climate zone and weather patterns will have a positive effect on plants that are native to the area, where they can be a deal breaker to plants that are not designed for your area. 

Your landscape can be beautiful with trees and plants that complement each other and the area, and they can require a lot less effort. “Smartscaping” initiatives are all over Texas if you are interested in learning more. 

Evergreens and Perennials for the Win

By adding evergreens, you reduce your workload for years to come. They can provide greenery and shade all year long. 

Perennials can add color and blooms to your landscape without the need to replant near flowers every season. Though annuals do have their place, perennials are perfect for low-maintenance areas that still give pops of seasonal color. 

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