SIARA DESIGNS Scholarships

SIARA DESIGNS integrates sustainable efforts into each of its community partnerships. Whether you have questions about home landscaping or want to invest in company-wide beautification, you can count on our team to accentuate your land’s most beautiful features while keeping the health of native species in mind.

Now, SIARA DESIGNS intends to take that community-oriented mindset to the next level. The team now offers scholarships to college students across the United States. These scholarships include:

The goal of these scholarships is to encourage critical environmental thinking among a new generation of students. SIARA DESIGNS wants students to ask themselves questions about their relationship to the sustainability movement. What’s more, the team wants today’s students to understand that there are several different ways to approach sustainability as a topic.

Sustainability and environmentalism today don’t solely describe conservation efforts, though those efforts are essential to the planet’s health. Instead, these topics promote conversations about economic disparity, art, scientific developments, and even pollinators.

Specifically, sustainability is defined as the safe, continued growth of all living things on the planet. To adequately address the topic of sustainability, parties engaging with the movement must consider how social equity, economic stressors, and more traditional environmental efforts come together.

SIARA DESIGNS wants to encourage conversations that make the lines between these subsets of sustainability clearer. The scholarships that the team makes available represent one of many steps SIARA DESIGNS has made to encourage sustainable thought in Dallas, TX, and beyond. For more information about the team’s sustainable efforts, contact SIARA DESIGNS today.