Landscaping Grading and Drainage in Texas

Drainage / Grading Solutions

Drainage / Grading Solutions


Maintaining quality landscaping can be tricky. Soil erosion, water runoff, and floods can all destroy your well-maintained landscape. Standing water can create a muddy mess that gets tracked into the house, and the puddles are a nasty breeding ground for mosquitoes.

These issues can be avoided, though, with proper grading and drainage methods. In order to achieve a uniform landscape, you may need to add or remove soil from certain areas of your yard, a process known as “grading.” Equally vital, drainage allows you to direct water away from your home and garden. 

With some preparation, you can prevent rainwater from seeping into your basement and causing flooding in the event of a downpour. Let’s discuss the various options for landscaping grading and drainage solutions to help you tackle the improper grading and drainage issues in your yard.

How Can I Tell if My Property Has Poor Grading?

Property grading is essential because it influences drainage, elevations, and the land’s stability. Water pools in places where it shouldn’t, and soil erodes when elevations are off because of improper grading.

The earlier these problems are recognized, the better off we will be in avoiding a more serious issue later on. Inadequate grading can be easily recognized by uneven terrain. Different elevations on your land may signal a grading issue.

Something may also be wrong if water collects in certain spots or doesn’t drain away as it should. Lastly, if you have site controls set up for your property, you should check them against the actual elevations to make sure everything is right. If not, then regarding probably needs to happen in order to get things back in line.

Drainage and Grading Solutions for Your Landscape

Different landscaping options will be available that can help you tackle grading and yard drainage problems. These can range from adding a berm of soil to building swales for channeling water away from a structure.

Installing catch basins or French drains are other effective options for diverting runoff and keeping basement flooding at bay. With the right solution tailored to your needs, you can prevent costly damage and maintain your beautiful landscaping without worries.

Drainage Solutions can entail all or just some of these components:


A well-graded property allows water to move away from your home’s foundation and helps prevent water from pooling and leading to other problems. Proper landscape grading is important for making sure water drains away from your house since a pool of standing water can lead to flooding, erosion, and other damage.

Grading should be done in such a way that the ground rises gradually away from your home, directing water down and away from your property. The grade should also be adjusted if necessary to ensure proper drainage.

French Drain

A great way to combat water pooling in your yard is to install a French drain. This type of drainage system collects excess water and directs it away from structures and gardens. French drains are usually made up of a network of perforated pipes, gravel, and fabric or mesh.

Once installed, these can greatly improve the drainage system in your yard. A French Drain removes surface-level water and channels it away to prevent water from penetrating or damaging foundations at the ground level. Sometimes it’s the only way to get rid of wet and muddy areas.

As part of this solution, drainage pipes are connected to the downspouts, and Catch Basins are used to allow excess surface water to enter the drainage pipe, too. The pipes can be installed underneath a sidewalk, so the water flows from the curb to the street.

Sump Pump

When landscaping grading and drainage are done correctly, they should ensure that water seeps away from the house instead of puddling around it. A pump is used when your property’s terrain doesn’t naturally slope away from your home or when your property is lower than street level, causing rainwater to flow naturally toward your home.

Poor drainage in this situation can cause serious damage to structures and ruin your landscape. With the installation of a sump pump, water is collected in a basin and pumped uphill through a drainage pipe in order to get rid of excess water. 

To properly manage storm runoff, a sump pump may divert water from your home towards a drainage area, such as a ditch or pond. This helps to ensure both efficient drainage and water management to avoid flooding or expensive structural damage to your home.

Make sure you seek the advice of an expert before making any decisions so that you are sure to install the most efficient and proper drainage solution for outflowing rainwater.

Professional Help to Create Efficient Drainage Solutions

An expert in landscaping and drainage solutions from Siara Designs can help to analyze your property’s land and identify any potential issues like water pooling and damage to landscaping.

With our experience and know-how, we can find the best solution for your property’s needs. We are able to recommend and install materials that are built to last, so you won’t have to constantly maintain or replace them later down the line.

Some of the main benefits of proper grading and drainage for your property include:

  • Prevention of water damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping
  • Prevention of soil erosion that ruins your plants and directs water to unwanted areas
  • Mosquito control and prevention: the removal of standing water from your land can inhibit the growth of mosquito populations
  • Proper drainage can increase the functionality of your outdoor space by eliminating puddles and mud
  • Stormwater is more easily managed when proper drainage and grading are installed

Contact a Professional Landscaper to Learn More about Landscaping Grading and Drainage Solutions

When dealing with complex landscaping grading and drainage solutions, it’s best to consult a professional. Siara Designs can assess the specific needs of your property and recommend the best options for managing your stormwater and landscaping drainage plans.

We can create a custom plan that is just right for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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