Landscape Design & Installation in Frisco, TX

Our yards can provide us with a beautiful place to relax, a festive area to entertain, and a ton of curb appeal. By creating a landscape design and having it installed by Siara Designs in Frisco, TX, you can create exactly the kind of outdoor living space that you are dreaming about. At Siara Designs, we are happy to offer residential and commercial landscape design. 

Our designers listen to what your goals for your outdoor space are and then design a plan to exceed the picture in our client’s minds. Once the design is in place, the magic really begins to happen as our installers make your landscape plans a reality. 

Customized Design Services

Siara Designs’ clients benefit from the custom-tailored plans and installations they receive. We consider our client’s best interests throughout the process and work in lockstep with our clients so that we can implement their beautiful designs while staying within their budget.

Designing Your Ideal Outdoor Space

When designing an outdoor area that you love for its beauty, function, safety, and value, it adds to your home or commercial space. We typically follow a process that ensures our clients get what they aim for. Here are several things you can expect. 

Site Analysis

It is important to check out the area being landscaped. Before we can adequately begin planning, we need to take into account the site’s topography, already present landscape elements, and environmental factors. There are a number of factors we will be paying attention to. 

Some of these elements are soil type, drainage, available sunlight, shade, whether the area is level or will require grading, and other particulars that apply to your personal space. Having a concrete feel for the space will help our designers plan the best landscape design for the area.

The Design Process

After a site assessment, we understand what we need to know to begin designing your perfect outdoor space. While considering the desires expressed by our clients, we then begin to put a plan for them into motion. This is the stage where we determine the best layout for the property while including the details that make it feel comfortable. 

Expect us to communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that our services exceed your expectations as they have other clients of ours. 

Hardscape Design

Hardscape design is a term that covers many things. When designing a landscape plan, we often begin with deciding what type of hardscaping to install. Determining what elements to add and where they should go gives us a lot of insight into everything else the garden will require. 

When considering hardscaping, consider fountains, patios, gazebos, ponds, walkways, and trails, retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, recreational areas, irrigation, and lighting. By considering these details early in the process, you can ensure they are being installed properly without disturbing work that has already begun.

After the hardscape is designed and installed, plant installation comes next. We will have spent time ensuring the right drainage, soil, and amendments are all installed before we bring in the hand-picked plants to complete your project. We will plant trees, shrubs, herbs, perennials, and annuals. We will create a durable, low-maintenance space that is as functional as it is beautiful. 

Landscape Lighting

If you choose to add lighting to your project, you will not be disappointed. The right landscaping lights can transform your yard by adding beauty and security to the space. We offer path lights that make navigating the yard at night much safer. We add uplights and spotlights that truly highlight the best features so they can be enjoyed day or night. 

By placing functional lights on the property, we light up the dark areas that could otherwise be less safe. Lighting has a place in the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. It is a service that we offer that our clients are especially pleased they did not overlook.

Why Choose Siara Designs for Your Landscape Project

The designs we offer are unique and lovely. We strive to ensure our clients get the finished product they hope to see. We take pride in bringing our customers’ ideas to life. Your yard should feel like an important part of your home, not as an afterthought that happened to come with the property. 

Here is what you can expect when working with Siara Designs in Frisco, TX:

  • Beauty: Our designs give your home curb appeal and make your business look inviting. Expect an increase in your property value with the addition of an expertly installed, professionally implemented landscape design.
  • Utility: We want your yard to be more than a space that must be tended to. Our aim is for it to be a place you and your family enjoy, be it a place to read a book, listen to music, grill out, play outdoor games, or simply take a good nap. 
  • Low maintenance: We create designs that do not require excessive care. We want our clients to be left with a design they want to enjoy every weekend, not spend the weekend maintaining. 
  • Appropriate plants: We choose native and adapted plants so that your landscape fits the area in which you live. Native plants will thrive in your yard because they are what is meant to grow in the area.
  • Environmentally friendly: We want to partner with you so that your landscape design is an eco-friendly one. 
  • Health and wellness benefits: Once your landscaping project is complete, you may notice an improvement in your day-to-day life. As you and your family begin to spend more time in the outdoor space, you will be surprised by how much joy a nice outdoor space can add to your life.

Siara Designs Can Add Beauty and Function to Your Outdoor Space

Contact us today if you are considering an outdoor project. The team at Siara Designs can walk you through all of your options and help you to design an outdoor living space that you will regularly enjoy. Let us know what we can do for you.  

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