Landscape Lighting Service in Texas

Landscape lighting provides numerous benefits for commercial and residential properties throughout Texas. Outdoor lighting can show off your beautiful landscaping and increase your security while boosting your property value. 

Our team at SIARA DESIGNS provides our clients with a personalized landscape lighting service in Texas. We can take on big jobs but extend the same amount of care and attention to smaller properties. 

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What Are the Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Texas?

Our Texas landscape lighting service provides many benefits to property owners. We can set up outdoor lighting for you if you want to: 

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Landscape lighting allows you to beautify your property by showing off your gorgeous landscaping. We can set up statement lights to draw attention to focal points throughout your yard. We even have options, including colored spotlights to draw the eye. 

Increase Your Property Value

Your yard represents the first impression people get of your property. Landscape lighting provides a stunning view to everyone who visits, which can increase the property value of your home or business. 

Improve Security on Your Property

With proper lighting, individuals interested in getting into your property without your permission may think twice. Outdoor lights can give unwelcome visitors nowhere to hide, making your property safer for you and your family. 

Make Your Property Safer

Outdoor landscape lighting also helps you avoid tripping hazards in the dark. For example, we can place lights along paths and sidewalks, allowing you to see where you’re going and decreasing the odds of an accident. 

Extend the Your Outdoor Time

You can stretch out the time you can spend outside with landscape lighting. In addition, lighting can make the space more welcoming and inviting for your guests if you’re interested in outdoor entertaining. 

Decorate for the Holidays

Decorative landscape lighting can boost the festive mood of your property. We can adjust your landscape lighting throughout the year to match different seasons and holidays. 

How do You Choose Landscape Lighting in Texas?

Part of our landscape lighting service in Texas involves helping you select the right lights for your property. First, we’ll discuss your goals and the parts of your yard you want to light up. We’ll then consider the options and designs that would work best for you. 

We have years of experience designing landscape lighting plans and installing lighting in both commercial and residential properties. We have the equipment to make the installation process fast and easy, with skilled technicians handling the work for you. 

Our team creates flexible designs that can adapt to changes in your property over time. Your landscaping will mature, and your lighting should adjust to meet these changes. 

We Can Install and Maintain Your Landscape Lighting

Once we have a landscape lighting design in mind, we’ll get your approval to proceed with the installation. We work quickly and around your schedule to get the lighting put in, providing you with a final walk-through when we finish the job. 

Our highly trained landscape lighting crews will give you directions on using your new lighting system. In addition, we can answer any questions you have about scheduling the lights to turn on automatically or changing bulbs. 

We also provide maintenance services for your landscape lighting, keeping it in excellent condition as the years roll on. Regular maintenance helps prevent issues like missing or dimming lights, which can negatively impact the lighting on your property. 

What Types of Landscape Lighting Can You Install in Texas?

Our landscape lighting service in Texas gives you many options to choose from when it comes to lighting your property. Depending on your circumstances, our team may recommend that you consider the following: 

  • Step lights
  • Spotlights
  • Garden lights
  • Floodlights
  • String lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Up or downlights 

We believe in taking all the stress out of landscape lighting installation. Some property owners attempt to install their own lighting, but this can take significant time and often requires specialized tools. 

Additionally, lighting installation can bring you into contact with electricity, sometimes resulting in serious accidents. Our team has the equipment and training to safely and quickly put in landscape lighting for you. 

How Much does It Cost to Install Landscape Lighting?

The cost of landscape lighting service in Texas depends on the kind of lights you choose and how much of your property you want to light up. The price for light fixtures can vary greatly depending on the brand you select and even the type of light you want. 

When planning our jobs, we factor in the costs for supplies and labor, providing you with straightforward information about our charges. In addition, we never include hidden fees, treating you respectfully while handling all your landscaping needs. 

Does Landscape Lighting Installation Take a Long Time?

Sometimes, we can finish Texas landscape lighting installation in a single visit to your property. However, if you have more complex goals for the lighting around your property, it may take us longer to complete the job. 

We work around your busy schedule to plan installation when it works best for you. Then, we work quickly to complete the job and clean up any mess caused by the installation before we leave your property, making the installation as stress-free as possible. 

Talk to Us About Texas Landscape Lighting Services

You can count on our team at SIARA DESIGNS for landscape lighting service in Texas. We help you select the best lighting solutions for your property and take care of the installation, providing you with professional help throughout the process. 


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