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Carolyn R
Carolyn R
SIARA DESIGNS recently completed a new landscape installation at our Richardson home and we couldn't be more pleased with Lena and her crew. We had a 30 foot oak trimmed, old shrubbery removed, new sod placed, automatic watering system optimized for better coverage, new beds designed, prepared and planted. We also had a brick walkway added and downspout diverted underground. All the jobs were done within just a week, done well and were reasonably priced. Lena is very responsive to questions and helpful solutions. Her designs are creative and she makes sure the job is done to her satisfaction and yours. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Siarra Designs, we are so glad we found them and we would use them again in a heartbeat.
Lena and the team at Siara design did an awesome job on our patio this summer, despite the 100+ degree weather. Everything turned out amazing and I'd highly recommend them again for any future landscaping projects. Friendly people, on time, on budget.
Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall
Did a beautiful job on my backyard project. Worked quickly, efficiently, and project was reasonably priced! Definitely recommend and will use them for future projects.
Eimon Akbari
Eimon Akbari
Lena and her team are excellent. We used them to edge our front yard flowerbed and walkway and they stuck their costs, timelines, and commitments. They were super easy to work with and would not compromise on any detail, no matter how small. Highly recommend working with them; we definitely will again!
Julie Schaffrick
Julie Schaffrick
Cannot say enough good things about Siara Designs, other than they are now our go to company for landscaping. Lena and her team are experts at turning your yard into an outdoor haven. Lena is creative, very responsive and professional. Looking forward to our next project ????
CJ Brott
CJ Brott
Lena and crew were very responsive to what we wanted, keeping design clean and simple. They were able to use a lot of already present well established plants, adding new plants to dress up and revitalize an old tired landscape into the modern look more suitable to our newly updated house. Thanks guys!
amrita bhattacharya
amrita bhattacharya
I am very happy with their landscape work. On time, professional and communication is great. Definitely will recommend them to friends and family.
Lisa Neary
Lisa Neary
Very pleasant and efficient. Will definitely use again.

Do you want to change the way your yard looks from the curb, deal with erosion, or improve the overall look of your property? Our team at Siara Designs can help you with full landscape stonework and hardscape design in McKinney, TX. If you have an idea or a plan for landscape design & installation in McKinney, TX, we can help you design and install it in no time, creating a space that you love to be in every day.

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What Type of Landscape Stonework and Hardscape Is Right for You?

Landscape stonework and hardscape options are numerous and can be either simple or complex. A core component of what our design team does is to take a look at the layout of your property and your aesthetic goals to create a plan for creating a memorable space. There are so many ways you can use hard materials to create unique structures and non-growing elements within your space, including options like these:

  • Add in borders around flower beds and other areas of your home to create well-defined areas. This helps to draw the eye to those spaces and creates a specific distinction from one area to the next.
  • Consider adding pavers or stone walkways and paths throughout your space. This, too, helps to control the flow of the space and can encourage the eye to follow a specific path.
  • Boulders, rocks, and gravel all add dimension and natural beauty to a space, often serving as elements of both design and function. They can be selected to create a very memorable space or even add in natural artistic touches depending on how they are used.
  • Retaining walls can be a very important investment for many properties that need to control soil erosion or for those who want to create very defined spaces for their yard’s main features.

There are various other hardscape materials we can help you to consider for you to use in your backyard or your front yard. The key here is to think about what you want the focal points to be for each area and what type of “work” the hardscape materials need to offer. Then, we can design a space you simply love.

Work with Our Design Team for Landscape Stonework and Hardscape Design

Our landscape stonework and hardscape design team in McKinney, TX, works very closely with our clients to create a memorable, beautiful, and functional space or walkway that meets your specific expectations and goals and is within your budget. We treat every project with individual attention and care, ensuring that you get the type of fabulous look and functional design you want. Some of the steps that make up this process include the following:

  • We meet with you to discuss your needs and talk about the property itself with the goal of determining the best strategy for moving forward.
  • We set a budget with you so that we can work to design your stonework and hardscape within that budget, giving you options to choose from whenever possible.
  • Our team creates a design for your approval, following all necessary steps and requirements. You always have the final say.
  • You will need to consider any limitations in terms of building codes with the community or HOAs that you work with, but we can help you navigate those processes.
  • Expect us to offer a variety of options you can choose from to create the type of space that fits your goals.

Our design team is very talented and willing to consider just about any project you have in mind, with careful attention to those details. We encourage you to give us some creative design freedom but also know that we are happy to work within your expectations. Let Siara Designs create a space that is fitting to your goals.

Closeup of concrete stairs in beautifully landscaped backyard garden planted with various shrubs and bushed and decorated with outdoor garden lights

Work with Our Stonework and Hardscape Installation Team in McKinney, TX Next

Once you agree with a plan for your space, our design team will go to work bringing it to life. Our installers are hardworking and highly talented professionals who have exceptional experience to help you create a stunning finished space. Our team works very closely throughout this process to ensure that every detail is met with your expectations.

The installation process of your new hardscape and stonework may take some machinery to put into place, but we are always upfront and open with you on what you can expect during that process. Our team does everything we can to protect your existing landscape and lawn to minimize any damage to it, ensuring the quickest possible outcome. You will find we are easy to work with and very much committed to providing our clients with outstanding results.

  • We follow all safety guidelines and requirements while installing your hardscape and stonework materials, reducing any risk to you and your property.
  • Our team is careful and respectful of your property as we create a stunning location for you.
  • We get done on time and ensure that we maintain your property throughout that time so you can access it as you need to.
  • We work to maintain your budget, too, because no one likes a surprise expensive bill later.
  • Expect us to answer all of your questions and work with you closely on any changes that you may need during the process, when possible.
  • We stand behind our work with a guarantee of our workmanship, and we only use high-quality materials throughout it to protect your goals and your investment in your home fully.
  • We have plenty of customer reviews for you to browse and learn more about our company.
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Put Our Design Team to Work for You on Your Next Hardscape and Stonework Project

Our landscape stonework and hardscape design in McKinney, TX, is cutting-edge, using the most innovative solutions to create stunning experiences for our clients. Expect our team at Siara Designs to offer you a wide range of ideas to help you create a space you love and for our hardworking installers to make your dream a reality.

Call Siara Designs today to set up a consultation to begin working on building your project one step at a time.

Front of illuminated rustic garden shed and beautiful backyard garden with led lighting installed
We provide full-service landscaping solutions in Texas regardless of the size of your property.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure your dream becomes a reality.