Shrub and Tree Transplanting Services in McKinney, TX

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Carolyn R
Carolyn R
SIARA DESIGNS recently completed a new landscape installation at our Richardson home and we couldn't be more pleased with Lena and her crew. We had a 30 foot oak trimmed, old shrubbery removed, new sod placed, automatic watering system optimized for better coverage, new beds designed, prepared and planted. We also had a brick walkway added and downspout diverted underground. All the jobs were done within just a week, done well and were reasonably priced. Lena is very responsive to questions and helpful solutions. Her designs are creative and she makes sure the job is done to her satisfaction and yours. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Siarra Designs, we are so glad we found them and we would use them again in a heartbeat.
Lena and the team at Siara design did an awesome job on our patio this summer, despite the 100+ degree weather. Everything turned out amazing and I'd highly recommend them again for any future landscaping projects. Friendly people, on time, on budget.
Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall
Did a beautiful job on my backyard project. Worked quickly, efficiently, and project was reasonably priced! Definitely recommend and will use them for future projects.
Eimon Akbari
Eimon Akbari
Lena and her team are excellent. We used them to edge our front yard flowerbed and walkway and they stuck their costs, timelines, and commitments. They were super easy to work with and would not compromise on any detail, no matter how small. Highly recommend working with them; we definitely will again!
Julie Schaffrick
Julie Schaffrick
Cannot say enough good things about Siara Designs, other than they are now our go to company for landscaping. Lena and her team are experts at turning your yard into an outdoor haven. Lena is creative, very responsive and professional. Looking forward to our next project ????
CJ Brott
CJ Brott
Lena and crew were very responsive to what we wanted, keeping design clean and simple. They were able to use a lot of already present well established plants, adding new plants to dress up and revitalize an old tired landscape into the modern look more suitable to our newly updated house. Thanks guys!
amrita bhattacharya
amrita bhattacharya
I am very happy with their landscape work. On time, professional and communication is great. Definitely will recommend them to friends and family.
Lisa Neary
Lisa Neary
Very pleasant and efficient. Will definitely use again.

The experienced landscape team at Siara Designs offers shrub, tree, and yard care and landscaping design services to clients in McKinney, Texas. Our dedicated team provides the ultimate landscaping design services for the enhancement of your outdoor spaces, bringing out its natural beauty. Our landscaping experts are committed to providing ultimate yard care to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We have the experience and equipment to handle all your residential and commercial shrub and tree work needs. From precision shrub and tree transplanting services to tree trimming that will rejuvenate and shape your landscape greenery, our team provides a full spectrum of landscape care. Our McKinney landscape design and installation team at Siara Designs works quickly yet carefully to complete all your greenery needs.

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What Landscape Services does Siara Designs Offer?

Our knowledgeable team uses sustainable efforts for all of our landscaping projects. We provide extraordinary residential and commercial landscaping installation and design to our McKinney clients. We offer a wide variety of landscaping services.

Tree and Shrub Transplanting

Sometimes our clients have decided on a new landscape design or must change the location of shrubs or trees. Rather than completely removing a shrub or tree, our team can carefully transplant them for our clients to enjoy for years to come. Greenery that is in good shape should not go to waste.

Great care needs to go into transplanting a shrub or tree. Transplanting takes careful planning because it is such a delicate task. Not every tree is a good candidate for transplantation, and our team can let you know if we recommend transplantation or not.

Tree Trimming

The trimming of trees is crucial for the care and maintenance of commercial and residential properties. Trees and shrubs require trimming to maintain their good health. There are many benefits to professional tree-trimming services:

  • Improving the health of the tree
  • Improving the appearance of the tree
  • Detection and prevention of diseases and pests
  • Increased productivity of nut and fruit trees
  • Allows turf growth around the trees

Stump Grinding 

Sometimes, clients have chosen to have a tree removed and decided to leave the stump. Perhaps you now need that space open or want to eliminate the unsightly stump. We can handle the removal process for you.

Removal of Shrubs

If you have some overgrown shrubs that have become unmanageable, It may be time to remove them. They may just need trimming and shaping. If you prefer them to be gone, we are more than happy to remove them for you.

Tree Removal

Regardless of why you want a tree removed, it takes an expert to ensure the safe removal of large trees. Trees can be in the vicinity of buildings, pools, gas meters, and electrical lines. Our team can quickly and safely remove trees on your residential and commercial property.

Yard Cleanup

The Siara Designs team provides our clients with complete yard cleanup services. We can help remove messes, enhancing the beauty of your property. Yard cleanup services can include:

  • Leaf-blowing
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Shrub trimming

Sod and Turf Installation 

If you are transplanting many trees or shrubs, your landscape may become patchy. Installing sod or turf can create a lush landscape. Sod or turf can change the dynamic of any outdoor space. 

Grading and Drainage Services 

Improperly graded land can create water intrusion into buildings. Water damage in a home can destroy furniture, walls, and flooring. The team with Siara Designs can help prevent rainwater from seeping into basements and avoid damage down the road.

When Should You Schedule Shrub and Tree Transplanting in Texas

The transplanting of shrubs and trees from one location to another is a major change that most greenery can recover from slowly. No matter how carefully transplanting is performed, a large portion of the root area responsible for absorption can be damaged. It is important to schedule transplanting at an appropriate time of year and done professionally to ensure the least amount of damage is done to the root system.

It is recommended to move shrubs and trees during the dormant season. Early spring and late winter are when the trees will begin to use their stored energy to grow new leaves and branches. If moved in the winter and fall, when Texas shrubs and trees are dormant, they are able to use their energy stores to recover from the stress caused by transplanting.

Another important decision for transplanting trees and shrubs is the moisture content of the soil. Digging up of trees and shrubs should occur when the soil is plenty moist. Digging when the plant is under stress due to low moisture can cause irreversible damage to shrubs and trees.

Shrub and Tree Transplanting Services in McKinney, Texas

Why Choose Siara Designs for Your Landscaping Needs

Siara Designs focuses on providing our clients in McKinney, Texas, with top-quality landscaping services. We feel that landscape designs can improve the curb appeal of any property while expanding its functionality. In addition, it can increase the value of your home and property.

Properly planned landscaping can benefit nature and the wildlife that inhabited the property before the home was built. Birds can benefit from certain greenery scattered throughout the landscape. Brightly colored flowers can not only increase the beauty of a landscape but can attract beneficial insects such as honey bees.

The team at Siara Designs can provide services beyond trees, plants, and lush grasses. Decorative services can include concrete work, wood staining, and power washing. Our experienced team can add custom hardscape and stonework to any landscape project.

Get Started with Siara Designs in McKinney Texas

If you love shrubs or trees on your property but are looking to transplant them to a better-fitted and new location, our dedicated landscaping team can help. We want to provide you with the information you need to decide if transplanting will work best with the plants you have and what the likelihood is that the transplanting will be successful.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation to discuss the transplanting of shrubs or trees on your property by using our online customer form.

McKinney, Texas Shrub and Tree Transplanting Services
We provide full-service landscaping solutions in Texas regardless of the size of your property.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure your dream becomes a reality.